10 Must Have Wheelchair Accessories

For many, a wheelchair is more than a basic source of mobility; it’s a method for independence. However, a standard wheelchair’s design can be lacking in many ways, especially for those who enjoy heading out on their own.

Luckily, there are a wide variety accessories one can choose from to help make their wheelchair more than a simple source of transportation, but a mechanism for a more independent life. So, if you find yourself in a wheelchair for the short- or long-term, here are ten must have accessories to help make your ride the best it can be.


When operating a manual wheelchair, being able to easily see your brake so you can apply pressure quickly can be a safety necessity. However, not all brakes are easy to see, especially if your eyesight is somewhat poor. Accu-grips help alleviate the issue based on their oversized (and bright yellow) design. This makes grabbing the brake easier, allowing for a safer ride.

Cup Holders

Everyone can use a convenient place to hold a beverage, especially when their hands are typically busy keeping a manual wheelchair moving. A wheelchair cup holder provides a secure mechanism for holding a drink whether it is in a bottle, can, or cup. That way, you can easily enjoy some sweet hydration no matter where you are, all without having to dig through a bag or trying to hold one safely in your lap.

Custom Cushion Covers

If you’re going to spend a significant amount of time in a wheelchair, it might as well be in style. Custom cushion covers give you an opportunity to express yourself in a fun way while also providing a method for protecting the cushions beneath.

Some options are very easy to change, meaning they can be removed for regular washing or swapped out for different occasions.

Gel Foam Cushions

When you are going to spend a notable amount of time in a single seat, it might as well be the most comfortable one you can find. One easy way to up the comfort level is to add a high-quality gel foam cushion. Many are made from materials similar to gel foam mattresses, reducing pressure points and even helping with temperature control. Add a custom cushion cover, and you can travel in comfort and style at all times.

Grade Aids

If you find yourself fighting actual uphill battles on a regular basis, then a grade aid may be the ideal solution. These devices clip onto the wheels of a manual wheelchair to prevent it from rolling backward.

Since manual wheelchairs require the user to frequently reposition their hands to keep moving forward, there is an innate risk of rolling backward when the repositioning is taking place. Grade aids simply stop that from happening, allowing you to adjust your grip at a less furious pace.

Light-Up Casters

One fun way to dress up your wheelchair is to bring some flash into the mix. And there’s nothing more flashy than light-up casters. Typically, the casters light up every time they are turned, providing a small light show whenever you move. They also provide an extra level of safety, especially in the dark, since the casters make you easier to see.

Light-up casters can be found in a variety of sizes, so make sure you select the proper one for your chair. In some cases, you’ll also have multiple color options, allowing you to choose your favorite option based on your personal style.

Trays and Desks

Another convenient accessory any wheelchair owner should have is an attachable tray or desk. These allow you to easily enjoy a quick bite to eat when a table either isn’t available or isn’t at the right height while providing a place for using a laptop, tablet, or other devices while on the go. The devices are lightweight and easy to attach, meaning you can choose to use it when needed, then simply store it away after.

Wheelchair Bags

A wheelchair bag allows you to make a fashion statement while also serving a great function. These bags connect directly to the wheelchair, allowing you to easily carry a variety of items while you are out and about. Often, they come with multiple compartments, making organization a breeze. Add the ability to choose from a range of fabrics and styles, and you are sure to find an option that suits your style.

Umbrella Holder

If it is raining, and you use an umbrella, you don’t necessarily want to cram a wet umbrella into your bag. Luckily, there is an alternative available in the form of an umbrella holster. These secure to the wheelchair, providing a somewhat open design to allow the material to dry while keeping it separate from you other items.

They are also highly accessible, making it convenient to secure your umbrella while indoors and grab it again when heading back outside.

Wheelchair Slippers

Many households ask people to remove their shoes to help prevent dirt and grime from being tracked into the house. But, not everyone thinks of what wheelchair wheels may have on them. So, instead of tracking in whatever you happened to go through outside, why not consider a set of wheelchair slippers?

These covers go easily over the wheels, helping to eliminate any direct contact with flooring. Then, when you are ready to head back out, simply pull them off and be on your way. They are also machine washable, allowing you to clean them whenever required.

Just because you are in a wheelchair, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your primary mode of transportation. There are many other wheelchair accessories designed to support your independence, add style, and up the convenience. Simply check out different offerings and choose the items that best suit your needs. Before you know it, you’ll have yourself a pretty sweet setup that will be the envy of everyone around.

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